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With emerging technologies, there are a lot of developments happening in the healthcare sector. Much of these developments are taking place on the artificial intelligence and blockchain technology fronts. AI is being used for a wide range of healthcare and research purposes, which includes detection of disease, delivery of health services, management of chronic conditions, and drug discovery. In 2109, Artificial Intelligence will have the potential to address important health challenges and provide quality health care service without human intervention.

The data obtained from AI can be analyzed very quickly and precisely from complex data sets. One of the latest healthcare technological advancements we are likely to witness in 2019 will be the drastic changes in healthcare organizations, clinical care, medical research, and public health.

The blockchain technology holds a great deal of promise in the transformation of the healthcare industry. Most providers and researchers are exploring the advantages of this technology. It takes care of security as well as privacy, and even interoperability of health data, keeping the patient as the centre of the healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, the technology provides a new model for health information by ensuring electronic medical-records are monitored more efficiently and securely. Through this technology, patient data will be made available at one place where anyone can have access to it.

The healthcare industry affects everyone, but it has less-than-positive customer experiences. 2019 is going to be the main focus of various healthcare companies and clinics. There are many new technologies and approaches that are increasingly being geared to transform the sector.

Augmented-Reality training for healthcare is already a trendy phenomenon. AR will be a very powerful resource as through it, providers will be able to monitor the results of the diagnoses and procedures in real time, enabling them to master new skills. This is an interesting technique that makes it possible to train multiple providers at once. It will especially be advantageous in fighting the endemic shortage of trained professionals. This way, doctors may not have to read to refine their skills, rather the information they require will simply appear right in front of them when they treat patients.

There is a huge amount of data being consistently tracked in the healthcare sector. Using automation techniques, the system can bypass these data in real-time and make sure patients get the best customer experience. Patient data will be able to predict when the patient could fall sick and create a preventive action for the same. Personalized healthcare plans can be arrived at by looking at the patient data. As a result, health care professionals will be able to curb disease transmissions before they spiral out of control.

With the ever-growing data, there is some need to personalize the healthcare experience. There will be various software technologies designed to ensure that the patients’ information is easily accessible. The right treatment options as well as preventative care, and recommendations can be made based on patient data.

Last but not least, wearable devices that are trending now are increasingly becoming more efficient in tracking personal health. Hospitals are now using smart technology which aims at creating products meant to improve the comfort as well as care of patients. These gadgets help healthcare providers seamlessly track the progress of their patients.

Various applications that use AI to offer personalized health assessments and home care advice are currently on the market. With the emerging new tools and technologies, 2019 is going to be a successful year for better healthcare customer experience.

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With emerging technologies, there are a lot of developments happening in the healthcare sector. Much of these developments are taking place on the artificial intelligence and blockchain technology fronts. ...
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