Physician Compliance Updates for 2019: Know Your Audit Risk & Improve Compliance

Presenter : Elin Baklid-Kunz, MBA, CHC, CPC, CPMA, CCS
Event Date : 02/13/2019
Time: All Day Long
Duration : 90 minutes



Product Description

Every physician office must learn the latest coding issues to avoid audit risk scrutiny in 2019. The medical coding compliance expert Elin Kunz, MBA, CHC, CPC, CPMA, CCS will walk you through the new compliance updates for 2019, and also tell you where to focus your audit efforts in 2019. She will discuss the proposed E&M documentation changes and how they will likely impact your practice, and what will need to be changed in the workflow, policies, and procedures. She will also discuss different strategies and best practices to minimize your audit risk and improve compliance, as well as checklists for E&M Training and continued compliance monitoring.

In today’s highly regulated environment, there are a multitude of compliance risk areas that providers need to prepare for. Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) have emphasized the importance of conducting risk assessments and establish effective internal controls for compliance.

The Medicare Fee-for-Service improper payment rate fell from 9.51 percent in 2017 to 8.12 percent in 2018, but insufficient documentation continues to be a problem. To avoid such a scenario for your practice, Ms. Kunz will provide customized documentation tips and tricks to ensure correct coding.

Learning Objectives:

After attending this session, you will be better prepared to:

  • Understand compliance risk and recent development
  • Know where to focus your audit efforts and which key physician targets to prepare for in 2019.
  • Improve compliance and minimize audit risk.
  • Ensure continued compliance monitoring.
  • Learn tips and tricks to physician coding

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Understand Compliance Risk & Recent Developments
    o FY 2018 CMS CERT Error Rates
    o Office of Inspector General (OIG) FY 2018 Recoveries
    o CMS 2019 MFPS Proposed E/M Changes
  • Review Key Physician Audit Risk & Targets
  • Learn Best Practices to Minimize Your Audit Risk & Improve Compliance
  • Tips for Common Physician Coding Issues
  • Live Q&A Session
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Suggested Attendees

  • Physician
  • Coding Professionals
  • Billing Specialists
  • Compliance Officers
  • HIM Directors
  • Case Management Director
  • Office Managers
  • Practice Managers
  • Non-Physician Practitioner such as Nurses practitioners, Physician Assistants

About the Presenter:

Elin Baklid-Kunz, MBA, CHC, CPC, CPMA, CCS is an expert in medical coding compliance who supports clients in matter across the United States with over 20 years of experience in the field. Ms. Kunz is a national speaker and published author. Recent speaking engagements include the 2018 European Symposium on Ethics and Governance in Paris for the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development; American Bar Association 2018 Physician Legal Issues Conference,  2017 American Health Information Management Association National Conference; 2016-2008 American Academy of Professional Coders Coding & Compliance workshops; 2018-2009 keynote presentations for Eli Research Coding Institute & Audio Educator.

In addition to teaching documentation guidelines and ICD-10 to physicians, Ms. Kunz’ experience includes six years as an adjunct professor and curriculum developer at Seminole State College where she taught courses pertaining to healthcare reimbursement and data analysis and served on the advisory committee for the health information management (HIM) program.

Ms. Kunz earned her master’s degree in business administration from Stetson University where she currently serves as Head Judge for the Southeast Regional Business Ethics Case Competition.  She is certified in Healthcare Compliance.  She is a Certified Professional Coder; a Certified Professional Medical Auditor; a Certified Coding Specialist and an American Health Information Management Association-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer.

Ms. Kunz has enormous practical and personal experience with serious compliance issues.  She was the Director of Physician Services for Halifax Health in Daytona Beach, Florida until she discovered Medicare fraud being perpetrated by the Hospital and worked with federal authorities to stop it. In 2014, Halifax settled the matter with the U.S. Department of Justice by repaying to Medicare $86 million.  Ms. Kunz’s extraordinary efforts to ensure compliance resulted in her being awarded the 2014 Taxpayers Against Fraud Whistleblower of the Year award.

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