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Cancer registrars are information specialists that capture a complete history, identification, treatment and wellness status for each and every cancer patient in the U.S. The information provides information to health officials, healthcare businesses and researchers to monitor and advance cancer therapies conduct research and enhance screening and prevention applications. The information collects to submit to … Continue reading CANCER REGISTRARS


Chemotherapy is a treatment widely used for cancer. Chemotherapy uses anti cancer drugs, to target the cancer cells. Sadly, they also affect healthful cells which is the reason adverse effects can happen. You and your cancer doctor (oncologist) will decide what drug or combination of drugs you will get. Your doctor will choose the doses, … Continue reading CHEMOTHERAPY


Metastatic Colorectal Cancer It’s estimated that over 100, 000 Americans discover that they’ve colorectal cancer annually. Some of those cases include those who’ve been diagnosed with cancer which has metastasized. Most us know that in this stage, treatment could become hard and more complicated. Some cases still have some hope for a couple years of survival. Once … Continue reading METASTATIC COLORECTAL CANCER